Benefits of NRAS

Investing in a residential property under the NRAS scheme provides great returns, when combined with the financial incentives being offered.

This makes it an increasingly attractive scheme for investors!


Some of the benefits of investing in an NRAS approved property, include:

  • The negative gearing benefits and the allowances that NRAS provide often mean that the financial benefits for investors often exceed that of the market rental value.
  • Receive rental yields whilst gaining capital and offsetting any tax!
  • Scheme is secured for 10 years & you will receive these benefits for the duration of the NRAS.
  • When NRAS ends the investor can re-sell the property or rent it out at market prices.

The financial advantages and fixed term provides you with a guarantee that you will continue to receive these exemptions, whilst gaining property value.

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Benefits of NRAS for tenants

The NRAS provides affordable low-cost housing to low to moderate income earners. Typically, the properties are offered to teachers, nurses, paramedics and others working in essential services.

The ability to rent at such affordable prices eases the financial burden of those in a lower income bracket, making it very beneficial.

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